About The Founders

Hang Loose tours has been founded by three professionals of different nationalities and background (Austrian, Russian and Italian), but with one common aim – to show and share our passion for Mauritius and our knowledge for sports in interaction with the nature.

We strongly believe that challenging yourself through sport makes you feel free and happy.

We chose Mauritius as the ideal place to set up our business, not only because it is one of the best spot in the world for wave-riding, but also because it has perfect weather conditions all year round, it is a safe and peaceful place to live and because its tropical landscapes are perfect to be discovered through the activities we offer.

We all have been working many years in the tourism industry, in particular teaching sports and organizing leisure activities and between all we speak six languages.

We all love the sea, the sun, the waves, the nature, and we chose to live a laid back lifestyle away from the stress of the cities, where the feeling of freedom is our everyday oxygen.

After many years travelling and working in the most beautiful spots of the world, we all settle down in Mauritius and worked in the kitesurfing industry.

We had time to study the market and the client’s needs and we realized that there was a big demand coming from independent riders, on special guided activities, such as kite tours around the island, downwinders and wave coaching.

We also decided to integrate the no-wind activities (bike and Stand Up Paddle board) with exciting guided tours in which we combine the sport together with the folklore of Mauritius.

If you share our lifestyle, come and Hang Loose with us!

Christian Stepnow

One of the few IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) examiners, able to train and certify kite surfing instructors worldwide. 15 years experience teaching kitesurfing and snowboarding in different countries. Extremely passionate about wave riding and has local knowledge of the spot. Speaks German and English fluently.


Olga Yakimenko

IKO certified kite instructor and VDWS windsurf instructor. More than 10 years teaching experience. Patient, very technical and committed to your success. Speaks Russian and English fluently, French basic.


Federica Loi

IKO Assistant instructor. Marketing and public relation manager with over 10 years experience in event organization and catering. Speaks Italian, Spanish and English. fluently