IKO Assistant Trainer Course

Would you like to start a pro carreer with IKO? This is the first step into the most exciting job in the world. The IKO Assisntant Instructor Training Course - Plus, is the first level towards a progressive and elite career as an IKO Kiteboard Instructor.

In this course the candidates will discover on what it means to work in a Kite Boarding Center. Learn how to prepare, use and manage equipment properly; how to follow the fundamental safety principles and experience how an Kiteboarding Center functions and operates.

This 5 day course is specially designed for people who would like to start working as an Assistant Instructor or to prepare for an IKO Instructor Training Course.

Worldwide qualifications and benefits:

  • Access the IKO Instructor Training Course
  • Assist and supervise one Kiteboarder Level 2I and above
  • Assist any IKO Instructor/independent riders in launching/landing procedures
  • Assist IKO Instructors Level 2 and above in safety, cerculation, organization and equipment setting
  • Mangae the safety and organization of the spot
  • Manage the organization of equipment and its necessary maintenance
  • Manage rental for independent riders (equipment seldection and set up, S.E.A. assessment)


  • Be at least 16 years old (Candidates under 18 years old must obtain parental consent)
  • Have a riding level equivalent to IKO Kiteboarder Level 4 Advanced
  • Have an IKO account "Kiter Free"
  • Have paid the IKO AITC-Plus fee
  • Be fluent (reading, writing, speaking and general understanding) in the language that the course is given

 For more information on IKO please click here: www.ikointl.com