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Kitesurfing Tours

A tour is a unique holiday experience combining sport, leisure and lifestyle.

Our tours can be by kite, sup (stand up paddling) and bike, but always in interaction with the forces of nature and suitable for everyone.

If you like the freedom of discovering new places of the island and Mauritian culture, than our tours are just what you need.

Our experienced international team will take care of all the details, from providing you drinks to delighting you with local specialties.

Take nothing but good mood and let us do the rest!



Are you dreaming about long distant kiting in flat turquoise lagoons, without bothering to come back to the starting point?

Join our tour and you will be able to kite downwind along amazing coastal landscapes or challenge yourself on perfect reef break waves!

For twin tippers, practice new tricks until your arms and legs fall off. And for directional board riders, feel the adrenaline of ripping new and different waves.

Feel the freedom and the happiness to interact with the elements of nature.




If you are an independent rider and you are ready for some action and lots of fun, join our kite safari, an adventurous day trip to different spots of the island, chosen according to the most suitable wind conditions, to make the best out of your holiday time!

To make your journey even more memorable, we include sightseeing in the area we are exploring.

In case the wind drop, we still guaranteed 100% fun with few different options of plan B… It is a full day excursion.