IKO Instructor Equivalence Courses (IEC)

An IKO Instructor Equivalency Course is an accelerated course designed to train Candidate Instructors and certify them as IKO Instructors. This course programm takes 3 days when run on its own or 5 days combined with an ITC.

Certified instructors from PASA (USA), BKSA (Great Britain) FAV (SPAIN), FFVL/BPJEPS (France), FEV (SPAIN) and VDWS (Germany) can attend this course to become IKO instructors.

Also expired IKO Instructors can join this training to become re-certified.

Prerequisites for PASA, BKSA, FAV, FFVL/BPJEPS, VDWS & FEV:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Provide a copy of your Instructor diploma
  • Supply a copy of a valid First Aid and CPR certificate
  • Present a letter of recommendation and proof of one year of teaching experience
  • Pass the Pre ITC Courses

Prerequisites for expired IKO Instructors seeking reactivation:

  • Be an IKO Instructor Level 1 or higher
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR certificate