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Kite Surfing Lessons

Kitesurfing is easy: all that is needed to open the gate to endless sensations is to fly a kite and stand on a board! This is true, but who gave you the necessary knowledge to become an independent rider?

Learn to kite surf in paradise with Hang Loose Tours Mauritius! We believe that challenging yourself through sport makes you feel free and happy. We are offering all different kind of lessons formats depending on your level and your personal preference. Our instructors are all IKO certified and will teach you in the safest and most fun way possible. Hang Loose Tours fonder, Christian Stepnow, is one of the few world wide IKO examiners, who had chosen Mauritius to set up a kite school, as it is one of the best kite surfing location in the world. We are friendly, supportive, patient and comitted to your success. But most of all, we are flexible to move to different spots, according to the most suitable wind conditions, to make the best out of your holiday time. In our courses, we use the latest training techniques, which will help you to learn faster and safer than ever before and have a blast doing it. Become part of the international kite surfing community and get certified with an international licence by the end of every course program. As a personal challenge, you can join one of our tours on completion of the training!

  • IKO Affiliated Center
  • IKO Certified Instructors
  • Licenced by the Govererment of Mauritius
  • Fully Insured
  • Newest Kite Equipment

"Hang Loose" is more than just a school, it is a lifestyle.
Come and Hang Loose with us!!!

Explore the adventure of Kitesurfing in a beautiful beach environment. Enjoy playing with the elements wind and water. Learn what Kitesurfing is all about and get a taste for kite flying! One day Kitesurfing course
Experience the thrill of riding a board! You will never forget your first ride! Learn more advanced kite flying skills and how to use the power of your kite for body dragging. 4 days Kitesurfing course
Enjoy the freedom to be an independent rider, able to stay constantly upwind! Master advanced flying technics with the kite and learn how to ride turns and maybe even do your first jumps. Choose your own equipment according to your location and the weather conditions. 6 days Kitesurfing course
Spend quality time with an instructor dedicated to your success. Learn at your own pace. Get the most out of your time and improve much faster than in a group lesson. This Private Lesson format is for everyone: "Beginners - Intermediates - Advanced"
Endless turquoise lagoons. Perfect steady winds. Appreciate learning in a vast practicing area with nobody else but you, your instructor and a private boat. This is a personalized training program for clients who are looking for exclusivity and best value for time.
Having a great time, while exploring a new sport. In our special family package we take groups up to 4 persons to allow you to enjoy fabulous moments with your entire family. No matter if you are beginners or intermediates, this program is for everyone. No experience necessary.
It is a Kid's world! Kids love kites. Are your kids active and curious about water sports? Than join our exclusive teaching program for children under 12 years of age. No experience necessary. Half day or full day course.
Riding a wave is most definitely the best feeling you can experience. Explore this unique moment, where you're feeling the power of the element water and using the wind to gently play with it. This is the moment where nothing else counts. Just you, the moment and the beauty of it.
For those independent riders who are looking for pure adrenaline and extreme fun, freestyle is the right choice. High jumps and technical tricks are great fun and impressive to watch. With radio and video support you will improve very fast.