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Freestyle Coaching

For those independent riders who are looking for pure adrenaline and extreme fun, freestyle is the right choice.

High jumps and technical tricks are great fun and impressive to watch.

With radio and video support you will improve very fast.

  • Learn any trick you'd like
  • Coached by Pro - Riders
  • Radio and Video support
  • Perfect flat water lagoon


One of the biggest trends in kite surfing is freestyle.

Once you will be able to go upwind and perform basic turns, it is time to learn jumps.

In freestyle the kite and board are used to get lifted in the air with the power of the wind and perform different and

elaborated jumps.

Big jumps and aerial tricks are impressive to look at and can be challenging and great fun to complete.

The variety of freestyle jumps is huge, starting from simple jumps like transitions, board grabs, front rolls, back rolls, to

more advanced maneuvers like unhooked tricks, kiteloops and even handlepasses.

The ideal condition for freestyle is flat water and our kite lagoon is the perfect playground to practice tricks until

your abs and legs fall off.

Our instructors will coach you with the latest teaching techniques, by using radio and video support to help

you improve faster than even before.

Special safety drills will avoid accidents.


Coaching Duration:

In our coaching session, we only offer a "Private Lesson" format. The Freestyle session takes 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the tricks.


Freestyle Coaching 1.5 120 Euros