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Kids Lesson

It is a Kid's world! Kids love kites. Are your kids active and curious about water sports? Than join our exclusive teaching program for children under 12 years of age. No experience necessary. Half day or full day course.

  • For Children under 12 Years of Age
  • Special Trained Instructors
  • Specific Equipment for Kids
  • Super Fun and Games



For a normal kitesurfing lesson the participants have to be at least 12 years of age. We have developed a exclusive lesson program for kids younger than that age. Special trained and certified instructors will make sure that your children are safe and having a blast learning how to Kitesurf. Your children will improve their body coordination and learn about the weather, environment and the sea.

The minimum age required is 6 years old.

Kids lesson comprise of the following:

  • Equipment adapted for kids
  • Specific kite initiation on land with specially designed exercises
  • Water confidence check
  • Tandem body dragging
  • Waterstart exercises
  • Tadem board riding with instructor or independently depending on size/weight


Every student will get certified with an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) member card by the end of the course.

Kitesufing Lesson Duration:

To deliver the highest quality during our lessons we only offer one on one tuition or groups with maximum of 2 persons.

The "Semi-private Lesson"  format takes 2 hours per session. The "Private Lesson" time is 2 hours per session as well. The Fun and Fly Day will be split into a 2 hour session in the morning and a 2 hour session in the afternoon.


Try to Fly Taster 1 40 Euros Try to Fly Taster 1 70 Euros

Fun and Fly Day


180 Euros

Fun and Fly Day

4 310 Euros