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Wave Coaching

Riding a wave is most definitely the best feeling you can experience. Explore this unique moment, where you're feeling the power of the element water and using the wind to gently play with it. This is the moment where nothing else counts. Just you, the moment and the beauty of it.

  • The ultimate experience
  • Coached by professionals
  • Safety backup
  • Radio and Video support


In the "Supreme Discipline" of Kitesurfing you can challenge yourself in all different kind of waves. Small, medium or big, right or left we've got it all.

Mauritius is voted number one spot in the world for kitesurfing in waves and even hosts the World Championship (KSP) in wave riding.

This special teaching format is carried out by our best instructors which have years of experience in wave riding. We are willing to share our knowledge, which we have collected over the years with you, to help you improve faster and to avoid making the mistakes you would do on your own.

To make this lesson even better we are using radio and video support, to be connected with you at all times and to improve your riding with the best feedback you can get.

This lesson is for everyone, no matter if you already riding waves and just want to improve your technique, or if it is the first time you are going into waves at all. With our extra ordinary teaching technique we are able to adapt to every riders level and make you feel like a pro!!!

This session will also include:

  • Theory Part
  • Risk Assessment
  • Specific Safety Drills
  • Video and Radio support

Coaching Duration:

To guarantee you the best quality you can get, we only train in a "Private Lesson" format. The sessions takes 1.5 to 3 hours.


Wave Coaching 1.5 120 Euros