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Intermediate Program

Experience the thrill of riding a board! You will never forget your first ride!

Learn more advanced kite flying skills and how to use the power of your kite for body dragging.

4 days Kitesurfing course

  • For beginners & experienced Kitesurfers
  • Explore board riding
  • Newest teaching technics
  • Fun and Safe


This program is for people who want a kitesurfing course that's going to give them all the skills and knowledge for board riding.

In the first part of the course "Intermediate 1", you will improve your kite flying skills and fly more powerful kites.

Further learn about: safety procedures, launching and landing a kite, walking with the kite, one handed piloting, self landing and much more.

The second part of the training "Intermediate 2"  focuses on body dragging and water start with a board.

This is very exciting as you will feel the power of the kite as it drags you through the water. You will learn self-rescure techniques and body dragging in all different directions including upwind and with a board.

And finally the most thrilling part you have been working towards - it's time to put a board on your feet and set up for a water start. There's nothing like your first board ride!

A fun quiz will be done at the end of the course, in a friendly and relaxing enviroment, to cover all the theory part and get your IKO certification.

This course program is suitable for beginners as well as people who would like to refresh or improve their existing level.


You will be certified IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) Kiteboarder Level 2 or higher on your IKO Member Card.

You are now ready to join the Independent Program.

Lesson Duration:

To deliver the highest quality during our lessons, we only offer one on one tuition and groups with a maximum of 2 persons.
The "Private Lesson" format takes 2 hours per session. In a "Semi-private Lesson" format the lesson time is 2.5 hours per session.


INTERMEDIATE 1 5 215 Euros INTERMEDIATE 1 4 310 Euros


315 Euros

INTERMEDIATE 2 6 450 Euros