Airush DNA Kites 2016

Friday, 19 February 2016 Published in News

Airush DNA Kites 2016

We all know that the Airush DNA Kites are perfect kites for kite schools around the world. Today I want to focus on why this is the case:

The DNA is a very simple and easy kite to use for everybody. Beginners to intermediates, or advanced riders will enjoy its easy steering characteristic and soft bar pressure, but still a very agile turning speed.

There are three different settings for the bar pressure (bar feedback) on the wing tips of the kite. You can change it from soft to medium or hard bar pressure. There is really quite a difference to feel depending on which setting you choose.

Because of its low aspect ratio this kite is very easy to water re-launch and makes it perfect for all beginners out there.

The analog bar what comes with the kite, is a simple, yet perfect bar with a re- ride safety system, which gives you 100% depower in an emergency situation. Another great thing about this bar is the line extensions, which allow you to change the ling length from 10m to 14m or 24 meters. Perfect for all the kite schools who are working with short lines according to IKO standards.

I have tried this kite in all different conditions. It has a great lift and quite a long hang time. Even unhooked tricks are possible with it. I was able to perform some pretty impressive big air jumps and kiteloops, backrolls and other old school tricks. But even during unhooked maneuvers the kites was performing not bad at all. After being super happy with it in our flat water kitelagoon here at Le Morne, it was time to check out its wave performance. I was taking it first into Small Reef, where you need a quite fast moving kite. The DNA was very easy to fly with good bar feedback,  while I was looking to hit the lip as hard as possible. Off course it is not the fastest kite out there, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed flying it that day. After our Small Reef session I went to Manawa another great wave here at Le Morne Mauritius. This wave is much more impressive and can get much bigger than Small Reef. Also there the DNA was a great fun kite to fly and it was easy to feel where the kite was going while I was focusing where to put my next turn.

Since it had shown such a great performance in this two wave spot I couldn't resist to take it to One Eye, a really fast breaking, barreling reef break. Well, I was still able to use this kite in this very special location, but I also must admit that I have reached the limit of the DNA.

Over all it is really impressive how great the all round performance of this kite is.

We are using it in our kite lessons here at Le Morne kitelagoon and also offer it to our clients for rent.

Feel free to stop by and try the new 2016 Airush DNA's with Hang Loose Tours.