The Future of Coaching "BBTalking"

Saturday, 02 July 2016 Published in News

Hang Loose Tours is the first kiteschool in Maurititus offering this new technology to our costumers!

This brings our coaching to the next level. In wave lessons or any other private lesson you will benefit from this incredible waterproof communication device. BbTalking is a game changing Wireless Bluetooth Communication system for athletes, students and coaches worldwide.

This technology enhances the learning curve for all kitesurfers.

It is a real time coaching tool which allows the coach to instantly train and provide feedback to the student. If you are a pro athlete or a beginner, the benefits of this communication system is exceptional. Coaches no longer have to yell, for example, from the shoreline or boat. Communication distance is 1 mile (1600m).The student will instantly receive the coach’s feedback allowing them to immediately implement the advice.

Try it now!!!!!